New Theta Z1 App problems connecting to WIFI

Received 2 Theta Z1s in the mail recently and both cannot connect to wifi.

This is what I’ve done:
Theta 1
Recharge battery to 100%
Power on, turn wifi signal on, now flashes
Launch Theta 360 IOS app V2.8.0
Click shutter button at bottom which prompts me to register camera
Enter full serial number YN_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Tick box is checked “use default password”
phone in use is iPhone 7, IOS 13
Iphone auto-join wifi settings on known networks are turned off
Upon entering password, wheel spin symbols goes on, abd always reports error cannot connect to wifi
Router in use is 2.4ghz and 5 ghz, have tested for interference turning one and the other off and vice versa and trying to connect to one only but Theta Z1 still does not connect

I proceeded to firmware troubleshooting
Downloaded desktop app version 3.0
Connect the Z1 to the desktop, followed instructions found under File>Update Firmware,
Firmware 1.20.1 is downloaded and is actively updating, the camera battery level is @70%
Upon finishing, the desktop app reports an error, says encountered error in trying to complete firmware, re-attempt.
Upon re-attempting camera now registers updated firmware 1.20.1 and cannot refresh

Contact Ricoh technical support, they report everything I’ve done is everything they would have had me do and recommend sending camera back perhaps firmware error ruined software of camera. (but the problem was prior to firmware error ???)

I explain I have a second unit coming in 2 days and ask what I should do. They recommend not to do the firmware, to try and connect through phone app by clicking shutter and following instructions to register with serial number and that if it works, not to attempt the firmware until a week or so later in case there are unknown bugs in the firmware using IOS 13 which will later be resolved.

Second camera comes in, I attempt to connect BUT I experience the SAME PROBLEM!!!

I feel like giving up on this now, I feel like I’m back in the 90s trying to connect to wifi.

I see there are two current reviews on the Apple App store reporting same problems using IOS 13 with iphone 11 Pros.

I would really like this camera to work. I plan on using it for Virtual Tours but I cannot imagine having these kinds of troubles on site, it would be embarrassing and would not want any part of it.

Should I just return both cameras until there’s a verified firmware update to correct this?

I just got a Theta Z1 and the WiFi won’t turn on at all on the camera for me even to start trying to connect. Did they ever get this resolved.

If you wifi won’t turn on, that’s different. My problem was connecting to the wifi. I Had no problem with the wifi signal turning on in the camera.

Just troubleshoot everything you can and if not call support, they’ll help for sure.

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I presume when you enter the password you use just the numbers of the serial (as shown in the manual) and not the full serial YN…

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