Blurry image with Theta Z1

Hi guys,
i am a begginner with theta Z1, i just used it yesterday, but i noticed something, that the image taken with my theta Z1 is not sharp enough.
i tried HDR-Stacking with config -4/+4 EV (9 images in total) with DualFishEye Plugin and merged it with lightroom, but the problem still exist, that the image is not sharp enough.
do you guys have any recommendation what should i do or did i do something wrong?
i’ll appreciate any response, thank you for your time!

Hi, welcome to the community. I wanted to give you a heads up that although you are very welcome to post here about photography techniques, most of the discussion is for software development of apps for the THETA. I only mention this because you may get a better response on one of the many Facebook groups for the RICOH THETA.

Personally, I’m not a good photographer and spend my time in the community testing the camera API and technical features of the camera. I would like to be a better photographer, but I need to work with the limitations of my skills.

My suggestion is to look at the workflow of other photographers and see if you can identify anything to help with the clarity.

I’m also not experienced with the dual-fisheye plug-in. If you take a DNG shot (not with the plug-in) is the image still blurry? If the DNG (not plug-in) is clearer than the plug-in shot, then there might be a setting for topBottomCorrection.

In the official mobile app, there are “Tripod Fixed” which affects the image merge for standard interval shooting. I would assume that the DNG plug-in already compensates for auto-correction (likely it’s turned off). Is it possible that your tripod is moving slightly? Is the camera on a selfie stick or a solid tripod base with a monopod?

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