Theta sc2 quality

I have recently gotten a theta sc2 just to experiment with it.
When things are static it’s okish quality
But when I move a little the effects are like you have had too much ouzo
Are there different settings for it ?

Please help

You may have HDR filter on. If you disable the HDR filter, you can take the shot without have it be completely still.

Make sure it is “Option Setting” “OFF”

Do not use HDR if you or the subject is moving. Only use HDR if you have the camera in a monopod and base and it is completely still for several seconds.

Hey Craig. Thanks for the reply.
It’s 3x worse if the hdr is on.
The actual problem is that with the hard off it’s still ghosting as you can see in the picture.
Is it logical for this to be happening?

The ghosting should not occur. Is it possible that the camera is reverting back to HDR, possibly stored in MySettings?

Are you taking the picture with the mobile app?

Do you have any filter applied?

If you are moving, the picture should be blurry, not ghosting. If there is ghosting as shown in the picture, you may be able to disable an image enhancement such as HDR.

Suggest you also upgrade the firmware with the free desktop application or official mobile app.

Unless there is a defect in the camera, the SC2 is capable of better shots than the example posted.

Well I used a remote and the app too
It’s updated to the latest firmware and the optimal settings

His is before the update
After it has messed up everything
Please adviseT

oh, are you saying that the SC2 worked okay prior to the mobile app update today and now it doesn’t work as expected?

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