Broken one side Ricoh Thera SC1


Good day!

Can anyone would like to help me regarding my Ricoh Theta SC1 360 camera which the one side is broken?
Ricoh Theta will replace the unit or send new glass?


Try call them about replacement costs.

If it’s too expensive, here’s what other people have done.

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Thank you craig. and one more thing if you don’t mind, How to contact Ricoh Theta maybe they can send one side broken lens to me and I will repair it myself?


The screen will change depending on your country.

Thank you craig.

Unfortunately, they can’t replace the unit in our area and very expensive for the repair.

If you are ready to throw it out, you can try a find another SC that is broken and buy it for parts. Maybe someone will sell a broken one really cheaply. If you don’t replace the entire lens assembly (with two lenses), then the stitching will be off slightly. The ideal would be to find an SC with a dead battery or damaged main board. Though, it is possible to change just one lens if you’re willing to live with an imperfect stitch line. See this article for more information.