Can I connect a Bluetooth GPS receiver to the Theta Z1

Hello everyone,

my mobile phone has horrible GPS. The GPS position it reports both to the Z1 and other navigation software is often hundreds of meters off.

So to get accurate GPS positions I wonder if it is possible to connect a Bluetooth GPS receiver like a Garmin Glo 2 directly to the Theta Z1?

This would also have the nice benefit of not needing the phone all together in the field and saving on battery.


There would need to be a specialized app that communicates with the GPS receiver and then embeds the GPS information into the image. While it’s technically possible, I do not believe this app exists at the moment.

The Z1 can run Android apps internally. However, there is no touchscreen on the Z1 itself. This means that the Android apps running inside the Z1 have specialized control with physical buttons or with an external camera.

There is no way that I know of to mirrow the Android app running inside of the Z1 to a mobile phone.

Wish I could help, but just trying to save you some time. :mantelpiece_clock:

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Hey there,

I use the Ricoh Theta V paired to my iPhone while also bluetooth pairing a GPS to my phone. I’m using a Trimble R1 and the Trimble “GNSS Status” App on my phone. I have to select the GPS as the phone’s location provider in the Trimble app and leave the app open in the background. I’ve found that I also have to have the Theta app open and on the shooting screen for the coordinates to be recorded. If I minimize the app or just have it running in the background, the coordinates are not recorded in the photos.

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Thanks for this interesting information. What’s the advantage of using the Trimble R1 instead of using the GPS that is built into the iPhone? Do you get more accuracy with the Trimble R1 and is that increased accuracy recorded into the metadata of the THETA image?