THETA V - No GPS Updates during Interval Shooting

Hello everyone !

I’ve owned a Theta V camara for just over a year. I love cycling on the -voies vertes- (“greenways”) in France (These are old railway lines converted into a cycle path). I would like to take advantage of my bike rides to create blue lines. To avoid producing too large amounts of data, I thought of using the interval shooting of my theta V. After which I will use Gothru to produce blue lines.

In a previous post (THETA SC2 - No Auto exposure or GPS Updates during Interval Shooting) I read that there’s no GPS Updates during Interval Shooting. I also noticed the lack of GPS update between the photos during a bike ride, photos are tagged with the location of the first shot ((The firmware is up to date on my Theta V).

Do you know a way to fix this problem?
Do newer cameras (Theta Z or X) work the same?

Thank you in advance for your contribution

The THETA X can shoot 8K video and Google Street View Studio can convert the video into images for blue lines.

For the V, you need to use a mobile app that can run a repeat script and take individual pictures instead of interval.

I have not used the app below, but something like this may work.

There are several posts about using these types of automation apps on both iPhone and Android, but I have not used any of them.

Over the summer, we had a summer intern write a mobile app to do the interval shooting with GPS per image. Unfortunately, this was the 14th app that @jcasman assigned her for the summer and she didn’t finish it before school started.

We may attempt to finish it ourselves.


Please provide the following information.

・THETA V firmware version
・Smartphone model and OS version
・Smartphone app version
・Connection status with smartphone (wireless LAN only or Bluetooth only or wireless LAN+Bluetooth)
・BLE constant transfer setting (ON or OFF)
・Shooting method (interval shooting or normal shooting)
・Shooting settings (Auto, shutter priority, ISO priority, manual, etc.)
・Shooting interval during interval shooting

@HarryFR2 Did you find a solution to your problem?

You can also try using UL2GSV.

Just curious to see if you can use the THETA V in your workflow.