Can’t connect Z1 and Matterport

Hello all. I have tried to shoot a Matterport tour with my Z1 (and iPhone app). Well, unfortunately it did not work. I can only connect either the camera (Theta Wifi as the Matterport app says) or to the internet (for the Matterport platform because the app requires login). I am quite sure that I am just misunderstanding one of the necessary steps and there might be an easy solution. Can someone here point me in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


1st you need to be using the Matterport ap “Capture”

You can start a tour and build it completely without being connected to wifi, the only time you need to be logged in technically is when you are uploading it to matterport to be processed. This is when you will have to be connected to wifi for the login and upload.

I hope this helps.

PS if you are practicing this at home, your phone may be trying to automatically connect to your home wifi causing this issue as well.