Theta Z1 doesn't connect to Theta App but does to other qppw

Hi, I had been using the theta app to take 360’s but I also use the Matterport app and ocassionsally the Zillow 3D home. Both of the later recognize the Theta Z1, but not the Theta App. I’m connec

ting with an IPad 12.9 M1. I usually use settings on my iPad to connect to the Theta Z1 first, then go to the app. Even when the Matterport app will recognize the Theta, the Theta app doesn’t. I can use the Matterport to capture a few random 360’s but I’d rather use the Theta App. It was working fine, I have no idea when it stopped. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, and updating the firmware in the camera. Any other suggestions??

The latest firmware for the Z1 is 2.11.1 and the latest iOS app is 2.21.0, release November 1, 2022.

Please confirm that you just updated the app today and are running the latest version.

You can try connecting the wifi of the iPad directly to the Z1 using the iPad connection, not the app. Once the WiFi is connected, then open the app.

There is both 2.4GHz and 5GHz on the Z1 and iPad. You can try to use 2.4GHz to see if it makes a difference.

Please post if you are using AP mode or Client Mode for the iPad to THETA connection. If you do not know, then it is likely the AP mode.

Turn off bluetooth for the test.

Shutdown down the camera by long-pressing the power button and boot again.

Save all the pictures and media on the camera to a computer and then delete all media on the camera.

Reset the WiFi on the camera