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Can you upload spherical images from your iPhone albums to theta360 (via MacBook or iPhone)?

Two major issues:

  1. I had an issue sharing images from the app on my phone and the only way to fix the issue was to delete the app and redownload it (no, it never gave me any prompt that it needed to be updated and i checked several times to make sure it was the most up to date version). Upon deleting the app, it did fix my sharing issue but in the process all my “device images” were deleted from the app. After lots of panicking I was able to find them in an album that was saved in my iPhone photos under “Ricoh Theta”.

  2. All of these images are flat view and I don’t see any way to upload them in a batch to the app on my phone, or on theta360 browser view. Within the Theta app selecting “album” from the “device images” tab, I can find an image on my phone and upload to theta360 one at a time but there’s no way to select multiple and even when that’s done, it does not put them in the “device images” section on my app. Any ideas or fixes to this process would be appreciated. I have nearly 100 images I need to recover and it doesn’t make any sense to do them 1 at a time.