Cannot trigger commands in base app

Since upgrading the Theta Z1 camera to the latest firmware, I cannot trigger any commands via the Ricoh Theta app on a Mac.
When I try to install a new plugin, I get the following error message (I translated it from German to English, so the exact phrasing may be different):

The camera data could not be retrieved.
If the camera is connected to a computer, disconnect the camera and reconnect it.

I can however see and transfer photos and videos on the Mac while I am connected via USB and I can trigger commands via the API. For example, I triggered a camera reset with curl.

However, resetting the camera didn’t help. I installed the Ricoh Theta app on two other Macs and had no success either. Is there any way to install a plugin via the API, the iOS app or the Android app, as I cannot do so from the Mac Desktop app at this time?

I’d be grateful for any pointers or possible solutions.

I think there may be another firmware update soon.

If you can get the apk of the plug-in, you can use adb to install the software.

Someone with a camera can likely pull the apk off of their camera.

Is your Z1 unlocked with the developer partner program?

Ultimately, you’ll want to get the desktop app working with your camera as it is inconvenient to get the apk.