CLI tool to publish 360 images

As mentioned in Options to display 360 images on a public map I came across issues whilst trying to publish 360 photos to Google Maps. I hinted that I might write a little tool.

Well first cut is done - I’m not sure if this is of interest to just me or if its of more general interest … I figured it was worth sharing anyway. See see GitHub - plord12/360tools: Tools to help publish 360 images .

I plan to iterate on more feature as and when I need them.

I built binaries for a few platforms, but note that I can only test on Mac (M1) so there may well be issues on other platforms.

Comments / ideas etc more than welcome of course.



Thank you for this great contribution.

We’ve awarded you a Community Thanks Award for this solution.

In addition to the awesome badge, we’d like to buy a you beer. We’ll send a small cash award using the Donate link on your 360 tools GitHub repo. If you don’t drink alcohol please buy yourself lunch or electronic parts for a fun project. :slight_smile:

Golly, that was unexpected. Thanks very much … off to the pub now :wink:


I was surprised that you were able to put together a project so quickly. Thanks for sharing it as open source. Have fun.

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Just pushed v0.0.2 which includes -

  • Adds support for GPX tracks to obtain photo locations
  • Adds support to generate uMap files

Also added some screenshots (uMap is worth a look if you arn’t familiar with it).

I did consider adding mapillary, but I see it already has a tool ( GitHub - mapillary/mapillary_tools: Command line tools for processing and uploading Mapillary imagery ).


Nice update!

@jcasman , when @erikrod1 finishes his react native document, ask him to test and provide additional community documentation in this topic.

I suggest that he focus most of his time on Google Maps, but also look at uMap

What is Mapillary? Is it a commercial company or an open source project?


Yes, planning on it! I’m interested in testing @Peter_Lord 's project, it fixes and known problem and looks pretty cool.

Street level imagary - - now owned by Facebook


Hey Peter, I’m going to be trying out your 360 Image Publishing CLI tool and the location problems that it solves! Will report back with results.


Tool worked great once I troubleshooted some things to set it up on my end.
As long as the Photo has a location already, you just run the tool and supply the photo or photos and then it uploads it google maps.

Looks like it ran with no issues on Windows. Also waiting for my photo to be published…

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Do you need to obscure your API token information in the image? Just to be safe, I edited your image to obscure the token. I’m not sure if people can abuse your API credentials with the token or not.

Great ! Thanks for “testing” on windows.


I’ll remove from the code anyways ( I think that was from the Google example code ! )