Connection to iPhone hotspot

My Ricoh Z cannot connect to my iPhone SE 2 (with latest OS) hotspot. My iPhone hotspot uses 2.4G wifi channel 6. I tested with 2 more iPhones (11 and 13). Still cannot connect.

I’m not sure if the cameras work with the iPhone as a hotspot.

Why not? It looks like a bug to me. How can I report a bug to Ricoh’s developers?

Is it listed as a supported feature in the specifications or user manual?

Connecting to wifi is a supported feature. Isn’t it?

Hi Craig, actually it works with some iPhones and not others (and most Android, except Pixel 6, go figure), so definitely an issue. Seems to not be working with the latest iphones, which “may” mean Apple changed something and Ricoh may not have yet noticed and fixed it on their end.

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In my opinion, the best course of action is to contact RICOH and verify. They have a support database and can likely quickly tell you if the feature you are discussing is supported or not.


This is an independent forum and most of us are just camera users like yourself. We can guess about what features are supposed to work, but do not actually know.

Would be great if you can report back on your findings.

Will report back, many thanks!

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I also reported this discussion to some people I know at RICOH. If I hear anything back, I will let you know.

BTW, I do not have an iPhone with data, so I can’t test this myself.

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Thanks. Well the good news is it seems to work with the brand new X model; so definitely an issue in then Z and V:

Oh, it works with the X?

Thanks for reporting this. I will relay your findings to the RICOH managers. I had previously thought it was not possible due to some fundamental problem with the iPhone and THETA connection.

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Yes, Theta X works on virtually all phones LTE/5G hotspots, Android and IOS. As for Theta Z, it does work on an iPhone X with iOS 15 (confirmed by our engineering team), but Z, or V for that matter, won’t work with newer iPhones or Pixel 6, indicating a potential bug.

Wow, thanks for all your work!

This is great detail. I will organize this for our next meeting with a RICOH manager.