Ricoh Theta Z1 cannot connect to iPhone hotspot (OS 14.8 and later)

My Theta Z1 cannot connect to my iPhone (SE2) hotspot. My OS was 14.8. I updated to 15 and still cannot connect to the iPhone hotspot.

But it can connect to my old iPhone (6 plus iOS:12) and my wife’s iphone (x iOS:14.7) hotspots. Their OSs are older than 14.8.

It also can connect to Android phones hotspot but not iPhones (new OSs).

please post:

  1. version of mobile app from AppStore you are using
  2. firmware version in the Z1 (you can get this by plugging the camera into a USB-C cable) and using the desktop app

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Newest Z1 firmware is 2.00.1

My app version is: 2.16.2
My camera firmware version is: 2.00.1

We can try and replicate the problem with an iPhone with the newest OS. Just to confirm, you’re using client mode to connect the Z1 to the iPhone directly with the iPhone as a hotspot?

I don’t have a data plan on my iPhone I use for testing, so we may need to recruit @jcasman to help with the testing.

Yes. I use “access point setting” to setup the WIFI for client mode. Then when I switch to client mode, Camera doesn’t connect to the hotspot.

What are you trying to accomplish? I’m curious why you are connecting the Theta to your phone’s hotspot and not the other way around.

I want to connect my Camera to the Internet for live stream when I don’t have any other WIFI.

Any update from Ricoh team. Did you have a chance to test it on your side?

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Any update on why Ricoh cannot connect to iPhone hotspot? I also tested on iPhone 11 and 13. Doesn’t connect.