Controlling Theta S with Python Script running on an iPhone

Here is a demo video of a Python script controlling a Theta S. The script will control the Theta shutter to snap images as often as possible. As each image is processed the previous image is transferred to storage on the iPhone and then is deleted from the camera.

In the video I show a script that is used to transfer images from the iPhone to a file server and another script that I said was to remove stored images from the camera but the camera images are actually removed from the camera by the main script. The purpose of the short delete script is To remove images from the iPhone storage.

Demo video of iPhone Pythonista app controlling a Theta S.

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Pythonista seems like a really slick way to use Python on iOS. Just curious, do you write the script on iOS device directly, or do you work on it on a desktop/laptop setup and move over to Pythonista and then run it from there?

I like to test new ideas on my iOS devices because they are always handy when I think of something. As the ideas develop into larger projects I move them on to other platforms where they can expand in terms of I/O.

The script from this thread moved over to a Pi Zero W and eventually transitioned into the Little Black Box project. The coding for the LBB was done via SSH into the Pi using whatever was handy, a computer terminal program or iOS app.

I forgot to mention that the demo video was produced as a screen recording as the script was running with real-time annotation (hence my reporting error mentioned above). The iOS 11.1 screen recording function is very useful.

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Nice @Bob_White did you ever try Reflecktor2 Recording on iOS

Yes I use it all the time.

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Did you update to Reflecktor3 yet? There is a discount for Reflecktor2 owners right now. Not much of a discount, but better than nothing!

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Yes we are on Reflecktor 3 got a email from Squirrels yesterday Thank You