Creating 4k Slideshow as Virtual Tours

This Tread was split from
VR Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

4K Slide Show created with the 360 function in CyberLink PowerDirector 15 (64-bit)
Just STOP the Show if you want to look around :grin:

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This is an effective technique for stores and restaurants to give people a feel for their location.

CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Windows Only

41 Slides imported

CyberLink PowerDirector has its own background sound preview

Setting duration to mach the length of audio


Settings preview under rendering Video 3840x1920 50(Mpbs) finished video size 663 MB (695 803 904 byte)

16 Intel treats working at 3,87 Ghz 8.2 Gb memory in use

YouTube do compress the 50mbps Video
take a look att the full size THETA S slideshow streamed in Pano2VR
it is running here on our connection
original Video 3840x1920 50 Mpbs compressed to 15 Mpbs
it gives the THETA S resolution a chance
High resolution 360 Panorama video has troubles with the size and buffering
You can actuarily play a multi-resolution panorama with 10 times the resolution
than the THETA has and still see it on a low internet connection :slight_smile:
4K and higher are therefore even today only for the few
but may be the multi-resolution Video of to morrow will allow us to enjoy 8 and 16K 360 Video

PhotoDirector Mobile check this out it is free
i am running iOS and are unable to test it :cry:

but CyberLink PowerDirector 15 are awesome so worth testing

PhotoDirector Mobile Android

PhotoDirector Mobile Windows

Oups Sorry i forgot Smart Phones and Tablets cannot display 4K Video
then you only see the preview panorama from the parking place
so now we uploaded an alternative file in HD 1920x960 10 Mpbs half size
the Phone or Tablet loads the 360 video as well but in the lower resolution

Nice job with this. Do you have a contract with IKEA? It’s a great way for
museums to show their exhibits. On my home office connection, I’m having
problems with the music and video stopping.

My downstream bandwidth is only 15Mbps and my upstream is only 1Mbps. Any
way to show this on a CDN so I can get better caching in Silicon Valley,

we are on 250x100Mbs fiber line here in Sweden even the original 50 Mpbs 980 MB i first uploaded
were running untill i made the 15 Mpbs
but if you let the slide Show buffer the video will reload from the cache memory when it automatically replays

or do play it on your Tablet or Phone then it will automatically play the

HD Slide-Show-panorama-low 10 Mpbs 278 MB

and not the

4K Slide-Show-panorama 3840x1920 15 Mpbs 393 MB

All right we want 4K, but what is the use of it when only a few can enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
i think that we really should be after, are better optics and image Quality

i worked consult for them a couple of years

On using Chrome on Windows 10. How do I get the video to buffer? When I click on the video, it stops briefly, than starts again automatically and then pauses. It will only pause for about a second. The experience is great except for the constant buffering pauses. I like the clarity of the images and the music. The buffering is a problem for my enjoyment. I don’t have an iPad.

Is there a way I can manually select lower resolution? In my opinion, it would be nice to have an option for people with less than 5Mbps reliable Internet bandwidth speed.

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Yes absolutely now it is the device that chooses pbs
i shall ask that Question on the Pano2Vr Forum
@codetricity we are now on the track of multi-resolution Video :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into it. There’s several advantages to using still images in a video format as a 360 slideshow.

The resolution is obviously going to fantastic, limited by the audience Internet bandwidth, not the limitations of the camera. The other advantage is the videographer (I’ll use the term digital artist) can control the flow of the information (image and sound) and help the viewer experience the space in a good way. The viewer can also interact with the slideshow and focus in on what is interesting to them.

There’s a whole new range of skills that 360 digital artists need to develop. there’s also a range of technical challenges that need to be overcome. I think 360 digital artists are still figuring out how to adapt standard video story techniques into 360 video stories.

Much more so than with standard videos, the 360 digital artists needs to let the audience interact with the video at their own pace and each experience will be unique.

IMO, the 360 slideshow is a better learning ground for these techniques.

Thanks for sharing the results of your innovative work. I look forward to more updates.

Thank You Yes You a Right

Chrome eats a lot o Memory
if you have cache-killer installed Recommended
try to turn it of in the menu
if it is on Chrome creates no cache :slight_smile:

the light gray line are cache loaded and stored in the memory
try the link in Edge or Firefox

I tried on firefox and edge and don’t get the light gray line for the cache.

Now on Ubuntu 16.10 with Firefox and Chrome. Caching not working, but I can move the red slider button to the left to get a cache. with this technique, I can get the full experience.

With these machine specs, i have a rough experience. The movement of the video is not smooth:

  • Pentium 3258 dual-core heavy overclock (showing 80% CPU utilization during viewing)
  • 16 GB memory
  • GeForce GTX 650 Ti

I think that the viewer needs a machine with more CPU power than the above specs and more than 15 Mbps Internet bandwdith.

My machine with smooth viewing:

  • i7 6800K 6 core overclocked
  • 32 GB memory
  • GTX 950 Ti

I think that the limitation may actually be CPU, not memory.

I think it would be useful to have more educational information on 360 digital art techniques to help each other improve both skills and overcome technical issues, both in creating the 360 digital art as well as experiencing the art.

All right :slight_smile:
First of all clean the browser cache (the old pano.xml file must be removed to see the change)
try to right click the Panorama Video and chose Play Video in HD 1920x960 in the menu
the HD panorama loads the HD Slide-Show-panorama-low 10 Mpbs version

see if you get light gray collor on the seek bar ?

Works better. thanks. I like this experience. I can imagine showing museums and restaurants this way.

Do you now get light gray collor on the seek bar ?

Only on Linux.

BTW, my wife wants to go to the museum now, but I told her it was in Sweden and it’s too far away. So, it’s effective way to entice an audience to visit a location.

The best part of the technique was to corridor where the timeline was on one side and the living room was on the other.

BTW, maybe move discussion to the “Virtual Tours” category? I’m actually not sure how to branch a discussion myself.

The tours and techniques could be educational for other people.

You are right i made a new Tread under Virtual Tours here,
as this is a general problem with streaming 4k Video

i think
First of all the server should be able to deliver
it should have 4G of memory or more and it should have free trafic downstream
the graphics on the machine watching should be compatible
the internet connection on the machine watching
should be over 30 Mbps downstream
and the Video should not extend 15000 Kbps for all audience

try to test this 8K Video on Youtube to se the settings that are running on your configuration ?