Creating 4k Slideshow as Virtual Tours


5 images on the 4K slideshow were DSLR 16000x8000 pixel 16K

So we made a multi resolution panorama from this five
128 Megapixel, Panorama Multi resolution projeckt
2 709 files, 623 folders 114 MB (119 955 456 byte)
The 4K Multi resolution, project was 243 files, 136 folders 955 MB (1 002 082 304 byte)

NOTE: the panorama project are 8 times smaller
so i still wonder if Panorama Video are the future ?


made a play-pause button you can now stop the 4K Video and let it buffer :relieved:


Take a look:
Made with Theta S


Looks good. What software do you use to add the menus?

Also, I notice that YouTube will usually selected a quality of 1440s or lower for me instead of the 2160s (4K). I wonder if there’s an easy way to let people know that there’s a higher quality available. Not sure how many people click on the gear icon in the lower right of the YouTube window.

I’m on a slow 15Mbps Internet link.


Puedes escribir en el texto introductorio Restaurante El palacio 360º VR 4K
Lo mismo con 50p o 60p da la atención del visitante a estos ajustes
Bien hecho, pulgar hacia arriba :grinning:


I´m 3d designer.
I Make menus in 3D and add in video editor.


Ya tengo otro vídeo en el canal con ese nombre :wink:


[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]I think the easiest way is to title the video name 4K or ULTRA HD