Doing only one plugin in Z1 and I think I found a bug

  1. I have my Z1 in Camera mode and have one plugin installed, which is DualFishEye plugin
  2. I press MODE to get into the plugin. I do my regular shoot inside the plugin.
  3. I press MODE again to exit the plugin.
  4. When I exit the plugin and after 1 sec, the Z1 revert to Video Mode.
  5. I want it to stay in Photo Mode.
    6 .Is this a bug?
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Hi, @chong67
What do you mean “photo mode”?
I do not think it’s a bug. You should not do the loooooooooong press of Mode button to enter/exit plug-in mode.

Stay safe, stay calm.

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As @Juantonto indicated, there is a difference between “long-press”, which is more than 2 seconds, but less than around 10 seconds, and “short-press”, which is less than 2 seconds.

On some buttons like Wi-Fi, there is super long-press (not the official name), which is longer than 10 seconds (I think) and will reset a function such as the Wi-Fi.

Normally, you should either press the buttons for less than 2 seconds or for more than 2 seconds (but not more than 10 seconds)

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