Cannot connect Z1 to basic app


I’m trying to connect my Theta Z1 with the basic app (v3.19.2 Feb. 21, 2023) on pc but it is not working.

When I click on Firmware update on the basic app I get “failed to obtain camera information. …”
I have the latest software running on Z1 (Version 2.30.1). The device is fully charged. I also use the official usb-cable. My pc recognizes the device but nothing is happening.


  • make sure the camera is fully shutdown, then turn it back on. There are sleep and power off modes on the camera
  • uninstall the desktop “Basic App” and reinstall it
  • change the USB port or USB adapter that is connected to your computer

if the above 3 steps fail to resolve the problem, try a different desktop computer as test

I hate to say this, but try jiggling the cable. Possibly the USB cable is not slotted in perfectly. Otherwise, I agree with @craig, trying another PC, if available, is a good way to test it.

Thanks for you inputs. Worked on another pc.
I have another question though:
I installed the HDRI plugin but how can I change the bracketing for multiple exposures?
My screen looks different compared to this tutorial: New HDRI App from Ricoh Theta is Amazing! // Fastest HDRI for VFX = Ricoh Theta Z1 - Part 1 - YouTube
After selecting ‘HDRI’ on Z1, I see the following:
EV STEP 2.0 SS<=4.0"

Thanks again for helping out.