DualFisheye RAW w/ THETA Z1 in 2024

Hello. I have purchased THETA Z1 in the end of last year and now try taking better pictures.

Pictures taken by Z1 basically seems to be noisy even if taking by manual mode with low ISO. And now I found DualFisheye plugin;

This seems interesting to try, but the plugin doesn’t launch after installing into the Z1. It always alerted with red light blinking and beep sound when I try to launch the plugin.

Other plugins like HDRI, VR Media Connection works properly though:

Any idea about this issue? Does not DualFisheye plugin work anymore with latest firmware?

My Z1 firmware version is v3.10.2.

If DualFisheye plugin is already over in 2024, are there any alternatives to take clean and noise-free pictures?

Thanks for reading.

Well I have just found Plug-in Launcher for Z1 also doesn’t work on my Z1:

Hi, there.

You should better try to use AEB.

Good luck!

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Hi, @japboy

This is just my guess but maybe if you are using Wi-Fi CL mode (and also you purchased Theta Z1 in Japan), some plugins including DualFisheye plugin were not allowed to launch. Can you try to change Wi-Fi setting to AP mode or OFF, then check whether plugins can launch properly ?

Please refer to following article (written in Japanese) as well.

Best regards,
Daisuke Hohjoh

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