Dual-fisheye Images With THETA V Plug-in


Hi, @codetricity I succeeded in installing Dual-fisheye Images into my THETA V. I’ve tested it on my desk, because today it is raining heavily here.


It’s not possible to use THETA app for the remote shutter during the plugin mode. Am I right?


@Juantonto thanks for this report back. Good job.

By remote shutter, do you mean the special USB cable attachment that Ricoh sells? Or, do you have a Bluetooth clicker?

The plug-in stops access to the main camera application (the default one from Ricoh) during the time the plug-in is in use. While the plug-in is running, you can’t use the main camera function. However, the plug-in developer should be able to trigger the picture taking from an external input.

This could be a good feature request for a developer.


@codetricity thanks, RICOH cable switch CA-3 is available for the plug-in mode?
BTW, I want to connect THETA V over wifi and BT to use the preview and settings, while the plug-in is running.


Hi, @codetricity
Today, I tested Dual-fisheye plug-in again outside. In my test, some of images were generated as equirectangular. It may not work well while plugin is running in HDR mode.

[Caption; Plug-in is running in HDR mode now.]

I’ll show you the stitched file with PTGui later. It is great.



Thanks for your help. We’ll share this with the developer.


It would be great to see your stitching technique with PTGui.

I just sent you the download link for the Android-based stitching application from Ichi Hirota. Feel free to try it out if you find it fun or interesting. The trial application will expire at the end of July.

Thanks for your help testing this pre-release apps and sharing your test results with the community.


I do not believe that the CA-3 will work in plug-in mode. I have not tested it, but I don’t think you should buy it until you verify with someone that it works with the plug-in.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are available to the plug-in while it is running. However, there is no application out right now to trigger the picture. The Wi-Fi trigger would be easy to implement, but it’s not implemented right now.

This is a good feature request.



Hi, @codetricity
I reproduced the issue on the bracketing mode. When I press the “Start plug-in” button on THETA app, the plug-in mode generates one Dual-Fisheye image and two equirectangular images.

Holding Mode button 2s method is normal. I’ve confirmed it on my THETA V.


@Juantonto, thanks for this great information. I’ve sent it to the developer. Unfortunately, he’s in the process of moving back to Tokyo and won’t be able to fix the issues for a few weeks. His development workstations are still in storage. He’s eager to work on these problems, but he needs to get his development equipment set up again.


Stitching Test with PTGui



demo version has watermarks

Using THETA Desktop App

Need to optimize more. See monitor

Here’s the image and project files, both original and stitched.


Hi, @codetricity, @jcasman, @Svendus
This is the result of stitching Dual-Fisheye images of THETA V(2 shots,90 degrees apart by bracketing mode)

1.Dual-Fisheye images stitched by PTGui Ver.11.5

You can also see the image on Google Maps.Here.

2.Norma HDR Ev+1 shooting(Same position)

3.Screenshot of PTGui

As I am not an expert of PTGui, I asked Office BlueSkys to assist me. That’s why I could successfully stitch them. Now I can do the same, too. However, this result is not “Very Good”. We need correct lens information to get much better result. Your advice would be highly appreciated.



You should make Your own template after that you can Batch Stitch hundreds off images on a go

i still wonder why a raw and bracketing mood are not standard on a Ricoh Theta V

regards Svendus