RTSP Streaming Plug-in

I created a RTSP Streaming Plag-in.

This is a wireless live streaming plug-in by the RTSP server on THETA.
You can open and play the RTSP Stream from RTSP client tool like vlc.

As this plugin is under review by RICOH, it will be available later.


Hey @science-arts, this sounds really great! What will be the main uses of this plug-in? Who is it aimed at? You should submit it to the THETA Dream and Build developers contest! Since you’re already submitting a plug-in, you’d be in good shape for getting it in on time for the contest.

Oh, nice! There’s a real need for this.

Have you tested the latency?

Is there any possibility of showing this in a VR headset?

Plug-in Now in Store

I’m new to the community but really interested in live streaming from the THETA to an Oculus Go VR Headset.
Have your questions regarding latency and VR Headset been answered?
If not, what kind of communication would you recommend?
I’m working on an interactive installation and therefore I need 30fps and very low latency. I think the YouTube live stream option is not working for me because of the latency and I’m not sure about Hugues HTML5 client approach because of the equirectangular output.
I’m thankful for every advice I can get!

That’s fairly difficult.

Desktop sharing software might work.

See this concept:

If you want the camera itself to be untethered, you can use this plug-in:

Something like VLC will work on the desktop. GoPro VR Player desktop version will also work with the live stream.

Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll look into those concepts and try different approaches.

Hello @codetricity,
I have an additional question. What transfer method is used by the native theta app for smartphones for displaying the camera’s view live when taking pictures/ videos? It works very well and has a latency less than 1 second. Is there any possibility to display that as dual fisheye or full screen reacting to the device orientation or using a plugin for that?
That would work for me, I would only need to switch from the oculus go to a phone based headset.

The LiveView is MotionJPEG, which is a set of JPEG images. It has limitations with framerate and resolution, but many people are using it. Search for Amelia drone on this forum or FOX SEWER ROVER. If you can’t find it, let me know.

Suggest you look at this cool Janus Gateway solution by the author of FOX SEWER ROVER.

Camera API for plug-in is here:

I don’t think you can stream in unstitched dual-fisheye, but I can’t fully remember.

Both the Amelia Drone and FOX SEWER ROVER authors researched low-latency solutions, so I think those are good starting points for your research.

I believe the Amelia Drone solution by @Jake_Kenin is using A-Frame for the headset navigation. A-Frame can handle the headset orientation and controller movements for different headsets.

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Thanks! I’ll take a deeper look at those projects.

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I’m new to this forum and I just got my ThetaV. Thanks for this plugin!
I would like to use RTSP and have a better control over the H264 compression setting and make it compatible with Gstreamer. The current plugin works well with VLC but somehow, didn’t show up with Gstreamer.
Would it be possible to have access to the code?
I’m just starting the explore how to develop a plugin.

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Hi @science-arts. I don’t know if you’ll ever read this but I’m very thankful for your plugin which was really a life saver on a contemporary dance project (with 6 video projectors, 3 regular cameras and 1 ThetaV, projecting the 360 video feed live on 3 projectors using VLC. So glad we found this just days before the show. Thank you so much !!

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@cbrand This is great to hear, I have @science-arts’s contact info, I’ll send them a message to make sure they read this.

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That’s great! Thank you :slight_smile:

Updated live streaming guide with information on RTSP plug-in.
THETA Live Streaming

When streaming over Ethernet, I can charge the THETA V over USB, resulting is very long streaming sessions. After 3 hours of streaming, my camera charge increased from 75% to 84% charge!

Inline current meter of USB power going into THETA V. The camera is charging while streaming over Ethernet.


GoPro VR Player 3

Tested with GoPro VR Player 3 on a Mac and you can view the stream with 360 navigation.

Tested with VLC at 3840x1920 @ 30fps. Works great!!

at 4K resolution, pushing 300 KiB/second over the local network.


At 9:40pm, I’ve been streaming for 4 hrs and 23minutes.

Hallo! i have problam with a plagin. After 30 min rtsp streaming, camera off with 2 signal and red indicator. What is this suppose to be? On 30 min streaming, camera having charge.

Is the camera hot? Try a lower resolution first and point a fan at the camera.

As of 7:51am, I’ve been streaming continuously from a THETA V to VLC for 14 and a half hours.

Using RTSP Plugin Running Over Ethernet as a video source in OBS.

Streaming to YouTube

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Same problem here. Any working Gstreamer’s rtspsrc sample? Thanks.

Hello, codetricity,

can you help to use the RTSP streaming work with Z1.
I couldn’t install it on Theta Z1.