DualFisheye brackets gyroscope drift

Does anyone know of a way to lock the pitch/roll gyroscope data of DualFisheye images across a bracketed set? I have noticed that, for example, in a set of 9 DNG brackets taken with the DualFisheye Plugin, the pitch/roll values can be different for each image. This can cause blurry images when merged to HDR after stitching.

It quite honestly surprised me to see this as I assumed it would be an obvious feature of the plugin but maybe it’s a limitation of the API?

The pitch/roll correction can be disabled with the API.


It’s possible that there is a setting in the plug-in to disable the correction and possibly use the correction from the first shot in the bracket for the subsequent corrections.

This is a common problem for timelapse photography.

I would love the option to use the correction from the first shot across the whole set but unfortunately that isn’t a setting in the plugin. Right now I’m doing it manually.

I’ll send Hirota a feature request.

Ichi is a good programmer and is using a different plug-in API from the one I listed above. If it is a limitation of the API he is using, I can raise this request with RICOH management. It may not be possible with the technique he is using due to his requirements for burst capture for speed.

I still use the legacy DualFisheye Plugin due to my need for app control so I’d be interested to know if it’s possible to implement this idea even without the burst capture feature.

Keep in mind that he’s a better programmer than I am, but I think that he may be able to implement it with the single shots in brackets

I think it is called, “Zenith Correction” in the plug-in API that he is using.


I believe he can save the Correction Parameters for the first shot and then load the saved correction parameters for each additional shot. I have not tried this myself.

It’s worth asking him.

I shot him an email. Thanks for the insights Craig!

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