Eclipse Totality from Jackson Hole

Hi guys,
I was able to capture this image during totality with the Theta S using HDR and -2 EV on the standard app.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to experiment with other exposures since I was in the middle of another live video production, but thought it came out as well as can be expected with this camera, and has the dark hole of the moon in the middle of the corona.
It was taken at 900 ft above the valley floor at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort at the bottom of the Teton ski lift.
I did get a chance to do a few shots outside of totality but the sun is basically blown out. I would have liked to try filters on the lenses and different exposure settings, but again just didn’t have the time away from the main production.


Wow, this is really impressive! I agree, I think that’s about as good as could be expected. You say, though, that you might have experimented more? What sort of settings do you think would help? What sorts of filters? Also, do you think the location (high altitude) made any difference?