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Edit Yourself Out of THETA Images with Snapseed - Mobile Workflow

How to clone yourself out of photos using snapseed

by Ben Sissman

(this also works the opposite way for cloning yourself into photos)

If I’m in a windy environment or one where I’m not comfortable to walk

away from my camera, I use this method.

  1. shoot 2 photos with the DFE, and I stand in 2 different places in the photo

(it doesn’t necessarily have to be on opposite sides of the camera,

just in a different line of sight to the camera)

  1. In Lightroom I copy and paste all the settings from 1 photo to the other

After exporting out of LR, remove the tripod of 1 of the photos

  1. open 1 of the photos in snapseed, and layer the other one over

the top with the ‘double exposure’ tool.

  1. then change the opacity to 100% of the second photo I have added In

  2. Click view edits

  3. Brush out what you want to delete, it will then effectively show the layer

from the other photo.

Once done click the back arrow and export!

(NB- I know there is the “time shift” plugin, but that doesn’t allow you to use the DFE at the same time)