Editing the 360 image in GIMP

I want to use this camera to create 360 panoramas.

I believe that the camera body can stitch a seamless 360 image.

But also I am curious about stitching on the desktop.

There is the plugin for photoshop and lightroom. I do not want to pay for them.

I mainly use GIMP for my occasional photo editing needs. I think it is possible to migrate photoshop plugins to GIMP. Can I migrate the Theta Z1 photoshop plugin to GIMP?

I do not think Z1 Photoshop plug-in as far as I know. There is a plug-in for Lightroom Classic CC. I do not think the stitcher plug-in will work for GIMP.

If you want to use the RAW DNG images and do not have Lightroom Classic CC, you can use the Z1 stitcher mobile app. It’s cheap.