Simple stills editing software for Theta SC

Hi, Photoshop CC has stopped supporting 360 editing (it wasn’t very good anyway) so I now have no way of editing/cloning out tripods or hands (big thumb) from the bottom of images from my Theta SC. I almost exclusively shoot stills and upload to iStockphoto and Getty Images. What is the best value easiest to use software for this relatively straightforward task?

I use GIMP

Craig, many thanks. I am aware of the software, although a bit wary of searching for it without being in ‘private’ mode :wink:

I will give it a try, a shame that Ricoh or Adobe can’t provide a simple editing tool.

OK, GIMP software downloaded and it appears to be a simplistic version of PS. How do you do the 3 D editing as there is no obvious 3 D filter or tool?