Equipment for 360 Time - lapse

Equipment for 360 Time - lapse: the Tripod should be Steady and one should be able to expand the 3 legs and also add weight under the tripod so that the tripod do not fall down in windy locations.
Windy days with lots of moving clouds and sunshine become really nice.


Wow, that is tall! I’m impressed by the wide base. But the whole tripod still looks very portable, not too heavy. Also, love your presentation of the photos with music and everything. Really cool.

PS. It looks chilly there. Stay warm!

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  • -19 C = -2,2 F No problem att all with overheating the camera :grin:

Oh, nice and comfortable! :snowflake:

What was the highest height that you extended the tripod?

6-7.5 meters depending on how wide the base legs are spread or extended
in windy conditions we prefer to see the tripod in the nadir than the whole thing turn over

Shooting time lapse or video in a wet cold climate “Härliga” bought on IKEA mounted with a home made 1/4” adapter for tripod Note: the camera keeps warm inside the glass.

Note: The Example Time-lapse are unfortunately not shot with a Theta V
but you can see how the glass are seen in or on the shot.

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Thanks for this extra information, Svendus! Interesting that just enclosing the THETA in the glass case keeps it warm enough. (I believe you mentioned this before, quite a while ago.)