Invisible Stand instead off tripod

Please wait for the second Panorama to load
to see the embedded HD video with video description
off the invisible gear :+1:


Example 360 video look down !


Pretty impressive. How much effort (time) is it to erase the tripod like that? I see it’s the season for wood chopping again!

it is hardly no effort the magnet will also sitt on every thing made off metall
and will give a very little inprint in the nadir
Direct link to the embeded video
the pipe mount for the selfie-stick makes it easy to go from static to walking shooting mood
but if you do not have sawdust or leaves :maple_leaf: on the ground to use as camouflage
it is rather easy to cower the nadir in the newest version off Cyperlink Powerdirecktor 17

Nadir cover in CyberLink PowerDirector17 (64-bit)

The Nadir patches are made from screenshots in the respective videos CTRL+P
in PowerDirector17 and created as transparent .png in a photo editor with 2:1 360 possibility

SnapShot1_patch SnapShot3_patch
You just drag the traparent nadir image or logo to the timeline and expand it how long it should be,
then double click it it will be in the middle off the video at the start
just grab the image with the mouse and drag it downward to the nadir
it is a little Trixie in the beginning, but be patient if it goes wrong just click cancel
and give it another go :+1: regards Svendus

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