Event in Osaka: Develop RAW images taken with THETA Z1 with Lightroom

Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2 - 5pm
Location: RICOH Imaging Square, Osaka
Instructor: Toyo Fujita (@Juantonto), Z1 Expert Photographer, Google Street View Trusted Photographer
Topic: Develop RAW images taken with THETA Z1 with Lightroom

Summary: Toyo will demonstrate the process to develop and edit RAW images shot with RICOH THETA Z1, turning them into JPG images that can be shared to social media.

Toyo will be using Adobe Lightroom Classic installed on a MacBook Air (2019 RAM8GB / ROM128GB) and the official THETA Stitcher Plugin.


If you are interested in RSVPing, you can contact Toyo (@Juantonto) directly.

From the event posting on Facebook (private THETA group on Facebook, so just including a screenshot, not a link):


Many,many thanks @jcasman and @codetricity
I deeply appreciate for sharing the event.


This is the latest shot by Z1 and Raw developed.


Wow, those colors, illuminated at night, really pop! Nice touch blurring the faces of people for privacy. Beautiful picture, thanks for posting.

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This picture is awesome!

Is there a cost to this event?

Is this a demonstration-only? Or, should participants bring their Z1 and laptop with the stitcher pre-installed?

Are there slides that you want to share?

Are you taking a video of the event?

Hi, Craig-san.
Thanks for your tons of questions.)lol.

  1. Free of charge. Just an event, meetup.
  2. Yes. demonstrarion-only. Just looking.
  3. Yes. I gonna make them with using Google Slide.
  4. No. I have no idea. some pictures, Yes.

After the event, we’ll go on shooting illuminated spots.
I’ll share them here.

Stay tuned!


Really wish I could attend. Sounds like a really great event. Looking forward to seeing some of the results when you post them!

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If you want to share your slides, jesse and I can translate some of them into English.

Your photography really advanced with the Z1. I am very curious on your RAW development technique. The lighting is incredible.


Very Nice @Juantonto !


Hi, there.


This is the official report of the event at 23 Dec. 2019.
Hope you enjoy!


Sorry for that, all written in Japanese.
Google translation may not work well due to the weird language. But we are not Martian.

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English version is here.

Next one is here.

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