Event Report: THETA Official Meeting in Osaka


Caption; RICOH THETA Two beauties, #thetamtg2020 Osaka


We spent hours talking, eating, drinking and shooting with THETA users and RICOH engineers and staffs.

And I’ve talked a lot with THETA optical engineer and I noticed something important. “Changing F number(2.1,3.5,5.6)” is the most advanced and unique feature in 360 Cams’ world. A famous professional photographer Shin’ichi Murata says in the video “絞れば手前からピントが合う。” My translation is as below.

Larger F number likes Closer objects.

That’s true.
Hope you enjoy.


The detailed reports;




Thanks for sharing this report. it’s a wonderful event.

This looks quite fun.

There really seems to be a lot of THETA photographers.

I wish they would use the THETA Z1 to take the pictures for the report. :theta:

Forcing the writer of the article to use the Z1 would help us to learn about new techniques to share Z1 images, possibly with cropping. Some of the pictures look like they were taking with a Z1 and cropped, but I can’t tell which ones.

I should use the THETA Z1 to take more everyday shots too. :slight_smile: