Mapillary Meetup 2019 Nara, Kansai

Do you know Mapillary?
This is another world to enjoy 360 degrees photography. Yes, there are many possibilities for RICOH THETA Series Cams(S/SC/V/Z1).

Nobody says “THETA is a Toy” there.

My first Mapillary(Street-level imagery) is as follows.

It’s very very easy to create the virtual tour.
Hope you enjoy!



Thanks for sharing this. I was not familiar with Mapillary before.

What is the technique to get the spheres nicely organized like you have below? Are you using a video as the starting media? ?


BTW, do you have any information about the Z1 ability with Google StreetView app to convert higher resolution video to still images?

There’s so much potential for the Z1 to change how these types of “virtual tours” or “guided walks” are created. Please keep sharing.

Hi, @codetricity
No tech, No magic for Mapillary. Just shoot single images and drop them to the uploader. Linking panos and blurring automatically works.

GNSS Receiver plugin might be very useful. I’ll try it in next shooting.

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Your spheres are so nicely organized. Do you space these out at 2 meter intervals? Also, is it important to keep the camera orientation the same? Or, does Mapillary read in the metadata of the camera orientation for the spheres?

Your posting looks so professional. Did you erase the tripod manually? It looks like this was posted by Google. Is this auto-heal?

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You are always pretty observant. @codetricity
To tell the truth, it’s professional work (lol.

I used PTGui to ajust Pitch and Roll and Pano2VR to clean the nadir, remove red dots and embed geo location data.


Thanks for these tips. Presenting people with a series of linked spheres is a really interesting way to tell stories. I think we’ll see a new way to extend the art of photography soon.

Right now, the canvas for the art is a type of map. However, this may change in the future.

BTW, great to see Michael Usami spoke at the event in Nara. I saw on Facebook that he hurt his back a month ago. Good to see him traveling and speaking. :slight_smile:


Location; Nara Women’s Univ. Lounge Room

Dual Fisheye Image shot in the room.

You can also enjoy the YouTube video in the forum page, THETA Z1 and the most important person of RICOH Co…
Good luck!!


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I have fond memories of Sakura. Did you receive your THETA V yet?

Z1 is coming soon. But the release date was postponed to 31th. May due to the manufacturing issues.

Stay tuned.

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sorry, I meant the Z1. Hope to see your new shots with the Z1 soon. :slight_smile:

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