Extracting timestamp of the live stream

I want to extract timestamp of the live stream from Ricoh Theta V. Based on the timestamp I need to sync some data in Unity in real time. As I am new to this, I need some help on getting started.

I don’t think the video live stream from the THETA V has timestamp information for frames. I believe you will need to apply the timestamps yourself based on the system time on the computer.

From a normal USB webcam, like a logitech that outputs H.264, does the video stream from the camera have a timestamp in the frame data?

I am not familiar with the UVC specification, but I don’t think the frames have time stamps.

I’ve seen questions about this problem in connection with OpenCV VideoCapture, but no clear solution.

Also, there’s some references to ROS timestamps, but no obvious solution.

If you find a way to do this, please post the solution as there are other people with this same question.