RICOH THETA V - loosing video frames while live steaming via UBS

I’m using ROCOH THETA V (FullHD quality) in Unity (projection on the sphere).
My application requires perfect synchronization between the time when the frame was taken and external data.
I have assumed that the next frame will be taken every 1/29.97 [s], but that seems to not be true, some frames are just missing and doesn’t seem to be a Unity problem.
Is there a method that extracts timestamps/index from frame or checks any other variable that could inform about the continuity of the video stream?
I’ve seen a similar question in related article. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a clear solution for it.

I do not recall any solution.

I looked at the Unity documentation briefly. I have not tried to use the solution below, but there may be a method in Unity to get the time between frames.

Unity - Manual: Time and Framerate Management