Factory Reset of RICOH THETA with Vysor

A community member shared this method of resetting the RICOH THETA V. You need to have the camera in developer mode to follow this process. You can put the camera in developer mode by joining the partner program, which is free as of 12/5/2023.

EDIT: Added Jan 27, 2019

Several points of caution (thanks to @mShiiina for this information, full article here in Japanese):

  • Since this will return the THETA to factory settings, images will also be deleted! ! ! Save your data before resetting.

  • This will affect the time setting of the THETA. Time is set when connecting with the basic RICOH THETA smartphone app. It is recommended connecting to the basic RICOH THETA smartphone app before use.

  • Since the THETA is returned to factory settings, development mode is also turned off. Please turn on development mode using the RICOH THETA desktop app.

Camera reboots.

Update: 4/25/2019

I had to use this technique again to reset my THETA V. I’m sharing the symptoms and solution to help others.


  • Camera plug-in management did not work with RICOH desktop app
  • Mobile app on Android could not send commands to THETA V
  • Wi-Fi API could not send full set of commands from desktop computer to THETA. Only a subset of the commands would work.


After reset using Vysor, everything started working again.

camera won’t pair with bluetooth and there are leftover files from dualfisheye RAW plugin

Update: 12/5/2023

This technique worked with the Z1 to solve these problems:

  • difficulty in pairing
  • leftover files from the dualfisheye and dual fisheye raw plugins

camera won’t boot and immediately shows error triangle with exclamation point

When I consumed all storage in my Z1 by taking 3 hour videos with the HDR Wireless Live Streaming plugin, my camera refused to boot. When everything failed and the camera couldn’t boot, I rebooted from the bootloader

adb shell
reboot bootloader
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