FIX for RICOH THETA Z1 Displays Bluetooth Only and No Wi-Fi Icon Appears

Thanks to community member Anony Mouse for sharing his experience and fix for a THETA Z1 that was stuck on “Bluetooth Icon” only. As I can’t replicate the problem of the Z1 getting stuck on the “Bluetooth Icon” with no way to get the “Wi-Fi Icon”, this real-world experience is valuable.

His solution was to press and hold the wireless and mode buttons down simultaneously while the camera is on.

11 hours ago (edited)

@THETA 360 Developers Mine was only displaying Bluetooth and never displaying wifi. I turned off the network on the Theta and turn it back on, tried an iphone and android phone to see if it was that if it was the phone, but no. As per your suggestions on here. It worked. Thank you so much. The Theta Z1 is now showing there is a firmware upgrade so that is next on the list. Thanks once again and you too have a great day.