Wi fi on Theta Z1 camera wont turn on.

I want to set up my Theta Z1 to work by Wireless Lan (Wi Fi). Following the guide:

  1. Turn on the Theta Z1. That works.

  2. Press the wireless button to turn on the Wi Fi. That won’t work. It turns on the Blue Tooth, but it won’t turn on the Wi Fi Icon. So I am dead stopped.

The firmware has just been updated. I am not next to the microwave oven. I can make it connect and work with the Blue Tooth, but not the Wireless Lan. I found the help on the Ricoh page to be of no help.

Hi Newtknight,

I had the same issue when the Theta Z1 was plugged in via USB. Once I unplugged it, the wireless worked fine. I may have had to turn it off and back on agin after unplugging, can’t remember right now.
Could this be your issue?