Flutter Rate of Growth Versus Kotlin and Swift

I recently looked at reasons why Dart is growing faster than Kotlin and Swift. My assessment is in this video:

Main points

  • Dart is likely growing marginally faster than Kotlin/Swift due to the potential to run Flutter on mobile, web, desktop
  • Rate of growth claim asserted by Google appears valid. Data appears to be valid and up to date as we have not finished Q2 yet. Search algorithm and use of BigQuery on a public data set look replicable.
  • Backing of Google helps adoption and developer confidence
  • workflow for Android/iOS is getting better. It’s quite good now.
  • I don’t agree with the no-surprise portability claim as there are surprises for me when trying to get the same application running across mobile, desktop, web. This is okay for me. However, my position is that it is premature to make a claim of smooth portability across mobile/desktop/web to enterprises or companies that need this functionality and may bet their business on it
  • iterative development and hot reload works great for me. For most people, the hot reload and hot restart is good enough. It works, though a little weaker for web development.

Do you think Dart is growing faster than Kotlin and Swift in the real world?

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