Kotlin Multiplatform and Desktop Applications

@jcasman and @erikrod1 , received this question on YouTube.

Kotlin Multiplatform | Kotlin Documentation

It’s an interesting question as to whether or not Kotlin Multiplatform can be used to build Windows Desktop apps.

This diagram makes it look possible, but is it is really in use on the desktop or just theoretically possible?

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I’ve been testing the Kotlin native libraries to run on Windows Desktop. At the moment, I only have a small sample library running with Kotlin

I received a few tips on GitHub from a RICOH engineer. ref

Using Kotlin/Native, you may compile forked Theta-client into a native dynamic library. But I do not know an application based on Compose Multiplatform can call a native dynamic library.

He also sent me tips on how to use the native library in Flutter desktop.

I found a codelab Write a Flutter desktop application and sample desktop application.
It seems that native libraries could be linked to Windows plugin by specifying to windows/CMakeLists.txt .