Hi, this is an idea for the web site, it would be nice that the site has folders :open_file_folder: where we upload our 360 pictures, for example: the folder names could be “Eurtrip” and then sub folder where we can upload the pictures of every city that we visited.

Now, we are uploading without order.

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@xavier.rod.torres Do you use a lot? Do you like it? How many pictures do you have up now?

Hi, first of all you have to say hi.
And yes, I do like, I have more than 3 pages but I can have more if they do this, and If they allow to upload multiple images at once, because I had two Eurtrip, one travel to new York. Can you imagine how many picture do I have?, more than 28 cities visited. Make the math. Bye

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Hi @xavier.rod.torres, That’s great, sounds like you really make use of the site. I will point out your post to the RICOH THETA product manager. I do not know how he will respond, but I’ll make sure he sees it.

Alright, Thank you. :+1:.

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In addition to I would consider trying out and Kuula
Kuula, for example allows one to create “Tours” and group all the related photos into one tour. Both sites offer free membership levels (a limited number of photos one can upload per month or week) but it is enough for me. I also use Flickr to host my Theta photos but their built in display is currently poor.

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Hi, I know all that kind of site, but, what is the purpose of having If I have other websites? Please people, why are you questioning what is so easy to achieve. Make a change for, tell me why theta is creating a virtual tour website or app? If there are a lot of that?. Why do we had bought theta? If there are other options?, the answer is, that nobody cares if there is another web site, theta should be the one who everyone should upload all the photos.