Grand Cinematic VR Storytelling Contest

Viar360, Seattle-based cinematic VR startup is about to open for public in a matter of days. To celebrate the open beta we are inviting all the 360˚ creatives (360˚ photographers, filmmakers, producers, directors) to get their name out there.

By the end of this year, Viar360 is going to host 8 Individual Contests. All you have to do is prepare a Cinematic VR experience using Viar360 platform. Viar360 is a white-label publishing platform that reduces the time, effort and knowledge required to create highly engaging interactive virtual reality experiences from 360 photographs or videos.

Our Independent Judge Panel will select Top 5 stories and leave it to the public, who will decide which one deserves to be a winner. The ratings will be performed using Facebook polls. Top story gets $200, free subscription and a chance for the grand prize of $1000.

More info can be found on the contest page:

Sign-up and be noticed by the agencies and get your way into a VR and filmmaking industry

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