GUIDE: Removing or cloning out the tripod on a THETA images with PhotoShop

Hi Guys
This functions in PhotoShop CS6 and i think also in PhotoShop Elements ?

All Right now open the Image

First of all create a copy layer and merge them at the end
Thank to Melih Yalımlı for reminding me on this point i forgot this

If not the image will be blurry at the end

Then start with Image/Rotation/180

Go to Filter/Distort Polar Coordinates

Chose Rectangular to Polar

in Polar Mood You can now work with the flor plan

Lasso Tool (L) mark the Tripod or the Photographer with hes magic wand

Press Delete Use Contend Aware

Or Chose Filter/Vanishing-Point

Now You can Clone perspective in Vanishing Point

We did also copy and paste this image on the flor and made it little more transparent

Now go Filter/Distort Polar Coordinates/Polar to Rectangular again

Image/Rotation/180 Turn the image back and save it

Low Resolution Finished image

Regards Svendus


Coop Konsum has modern Led light in the ceiling it do not give much CA on the images

I usually use an “extract floor” script from ptgui or autopano that returns a distorted square of the floor in rectangular coordinates, but then I have to bring the distorted image slice into Photoshop, do the image correction as normal, and finally run an “insert floor” script on the corrected floor slice. This renders a more accurate unwrapping distortion of the equirectangular projection, but 9 times out of 10 it feels like complete overkill, especially for ground elements with lots of noise like grass, sand, gravel, etc. I will be using this Photoshop-only approach moving forward for lots of projects! Thanks for the time-saver Svendus!

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It is actually more easy and fast to do in Affinity Photo
and the Application are also quit Affordable comparing with the expensive ADOBE CC series
Regards Svendus :+1:

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@Svendus, thanks for the great details. Very useful. Affinity Photo looks very useful and for $49 it looks like a decent price. Your two techniques of using the Inpainting Brush Tool and the Clone Tool to easily get rid of the tripod and the red dots is super clear.

Also, possibly unintended, but seeing your download tool - Firefox Add-on Video DownloadHelper - is a great tip, too. I always end up googling video download tools. It’s nice to see what you are using.

How often do you use Affinity Photo? Have you been using it long?

Thanks for posting!

@jcasman We have used Affinity Photo from the first version when they launched the application, there are also a very powerfull version for iOS (iPad Pro)

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Is it better on iPad? I know some community members (like @Bob_White) who seem to prefer lots of different types of editing on iPad. Do you use a stylus pen when editing? Is that an advantage?

The pen are endeed powerfull and precise, but i hate to say it
IOS inbuilt file sharing
are rather horrible, you must have a 1 TB Dropbox to work it out properly, so we prefer to work on the Mac and PC versions

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