GUIDE: Removing tripod & Fringing or CA on THETA images in Gimp2.8

Hi Guys here are a small guide
on removing tripod And Fringing and CA on THETA images with Gimp 2.8

We downloaded an image from the THETA Gallery

and opened it in Gimp 2.8
Note! in Gimp you do not have to turn the image around 180 degree like in you do in PS

First of all Create a new layer group and add it to the image

you merge the layers at the end otherwise it will make your image a little bit blur
Thank to Melih Yalımlı for reminding me on this point i forgot this


Polar Coordinates Check Polar

Zoom in press +

Clonetool Ctrl click to mark the area (50size will do to remove a small tripod)

Go Back Uncheck To Polar checkbox

All Right the image has a lot of Chromatic Aberration so we remove that also

Get the latest extension pack for windows GIMP_Extensions_v2.8_latest on this link

GIMP Extensions download |
to get this filters

Tips: do not install the Gimp Animation Package (GAP) if You have PS installed on your PC

the Fix-CA Plugin works best on .png and .Tiff images
when installed find it on Filters/Colors/Chromatic Aberration
find more documentation about Fix-CA on this link

Removing CA Filters/Colors/Chromatic/Aberration

Cromatic Aberation

Cromatic Aberation Settings

You Cannot save to .jpg in Gimp you have go to File/Export As

File Export As edited.jpg


Finished image RICOH THETA-edited.jpg low Resolution

Regards Svendus


Note! the Filter Chromatic Aberration in Gimp works the best on High resolution images in tiff and do not beat the function in PS Camera Raw or not to forget the filter in Ulead Photoimpact 12

Check this Panorama (click the white hotspot in the window to see before and after CA are remowed)

Thanks for posting this! I use GIMP a lot, I’m going to try using this Guide soon. Do you have a preference between GIMP and Photoshop for removing the tripod from THETA images?

@jcasman Glad you liked it,
Removing the tripod in gimp are the best in Gimp you do not have to turn the image 180
as you have to do in PS,
the Polar Coordinates filter are more advanced in Gimp you get a nice workspace on the floor or roof .
Photoshop do not have a direckt filter for remowing Cromatic Aberration in PS you go from Bridge - mark the image - images right click and chose open in Camera Raw, but first with PS CS 6 and later there are this fine CA removing funktion.

Should we make a Guide with that also?

Moved to GUIDE: Removing Chromatic Aberration in Adobe Lightroom

Check this Panorama from Washington
The Photographer had CA on this dense Photo and missed the red green
check the colors on hats and the silver details on the stage with green CA
is it shot with a multi lens Panorama camera ?

it was a nodal ninja over 1000 images Tomasz Misiewicz

All the images have to go trough Adobe Camera raw and CA has to be removed before stitching

Remowe Purple Fringe in Gimp2.8

Using Script-Fu Scripts

Caption; SS1 GIMP2.10.6 Polar Coordinates

Hi, @Svendus aka Master of Pano2VR, @codetricity and @jcasman
I’ve reproduced the useful guide with using GIMP2.10.6 the latest stable version.

Caption; SS2 GIMP2.10.6 Polar Coordinates

I used G’MIC plugin(deformation) whenever I edit the nadir. Your method is much easier and more convenient. Thank you very much.

However, removing tripod with heal selection is much better than clone tool. And we can overwrite the equirectangular file because GIMP2.10.xx can save XMP data.

Hope this helps.

I also use GIMP2.10.6 with Pano2VR Patch Mode. It’s lighter and faster than Photoshop. Pano2VR never stops suddenly.


Great @Juantonto but i must say that we to day use the inpainting tool in the 360 funktion in Affiniti Photo

Affinity Photo are running on PC ,Mac and even iOS (iPad Pro)

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