Hanami Pict Sharing

Share your flower pictures. Hanami means “Flower viewing” in Japanese. As we are not allowed to view with other people, I decided to test the experience with Hatsune Miku using the RICOH THETA “Hatsune Miku” special edition camera.

The special edition camera comes with special lights, sounds, and software.

I think it’s a little early in the season to see the blossoms in maximum glory.

Software Controls

Facial Expressions

Character Position Control

Alter Pose

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I’m headed out to the Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) park nearby in the Presidio here in San Francisco. The cherry blossoms are still blooming. I’ll share some here.

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Is it early in the season? Or, is it late in the season? I couldn’t figure out if I had missed the prime viewing time or not.

A little past, judging from the trees here. Full bloom was maybe last weekend, really, but they’ve been hanging on nicely. :sakura:

I got in some pictures, still plenty of beautiful cherry blossoms!

Did you intentionally not post the link to the 360 view of the photos?

Added the links to the full 360 images!

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The Cherry Mound will be removed due to widening construction of parking lot. We miss the Cherry…
Shot with Z1 & TM-2(f/5.6 ISO80 1/640), developed in Lightroom mobile and Z1 Stitcher for iOS.

Stay safe, stay calm.


Absolutely beautiful picture! :sakura: :sakura: That’s called “Cherry Mound”? Seems like a neat little spot in the middle of a lot of concrete and asphalt. Too bad that it’s being taken away.

Great detail. Zooming in on the cherry pedals really shows the quality of the images that can come from Z1 + Lightroom + Stitcher. Really impressive, @Juantonto


Thank you, @jcasman
It’s a tiny hill planting an old cherry. The business owner calls it “築山”(Tsuki yama). I couldn’t find out the right words in English.

Today was so good day to shoot 360 photos.

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Yea, it looks like incredibly good conditions for taking pictures. Thanks a ton for sharing.

My translation would be “Artificial Mountain” or maybe “Mock Mountain.” :slight_smile:

Amazing clarity and lighting. I wish I could take shots that were closer to the great shots you’re taking.

This is quite a nice garden. I like the color contrast of the green grass and the pink flowers.


Yea, I agree, it’s a pretty spot. It was a sunny day, getting near sunset. I think the pink and white “Somei-yoshino” cherry blossoms contrasted against the blue sky is just fantastic. It’s raining this weekend, but if the cherry blossoms hold on, I’m hoping to try @Juantonto’s settings.

I don’t have the RICOH “TM-2” selfie stick, and I won’t be using Lightroom, since I don’t have it, but I’d like to test his exact settings.


Hi, TM-2 is a very useful and light stick. but it’s not cheap.
You can use “Auto, Light, color” features in Lightroom Mobile without any subscriptions.

Just install it. It’s fun.