Hi we have been working hard for a couble of dayes now

Because several of our WordPress sides have been down.
Why because PHP have been upgraded to PHP 8.0 on the servers
All the Themes we had was created in a Application called Artisteer 4.3
the company do not seem to worry about it and there are no support from their side :sleepy:
So we had to install a free standard Theme on our Blog about 360 Panorama
It was quite a while sins i was here mostly because i we are using other camera brands
Here are a small video that can be helpful to any 360 camera
Regards Svendus

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Amazing. How do you get the air-gun pellets?

Do you go to a shooting range and they sell it cheaply?

@craig i get the airgun bullets for free from a shooting range,
in a nearby town it is my THETA S on the image

That’s fantastic that you can reuse the raw material from the shooting range and have the tools and skills to fabricate useful objects like professional camera weights.

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