How can I use my video shot with theta SC2 to make a blu line?

Hello, I tried ti upload my 2’20" video made with theta SC2 on Google street studio to make a blu line ( just to see how It works) but Google street studio says video Is corrupted, May be It was too choppy ( for the gpx file I used another app on my phone, that I started at the same time as the video ). Which should bebthe right flow ? Thanks

You may be able to use UL2GSV.

Hello, understood, I was wondering if the video error could be that the video was too short…does Google need at least 25 photos to make a blù line ? Maybe my 2 minutes video was too short to get 25 photos from It. Thanks

This one is very short. Taken with THETA X. I don’t know the precise requirements, but I’ve uploaded video that is less than 10 seconds from the X and it worked. Might vary depending on a number of factors.

The SC2 does not have the GPS and sensor data embedded in the video file in a format usable by Google Streetview.