UL2GSV Updated with MacOS Support

UL2GSV is a set of tools to use RICOH THETA cameras with Google Streetview. Common workflows include matching GPS data from a mobile app with video frames from Z1 video or combining Z1 images into a video that can be uploaded to Google Street View Studio.

Dean Zwikel’s UL2GSV Software now works with MacOS

Beta v17: 2023-0111

  • Added support for MacOS.
  • Updated JPG2VID. Improved sorting algorithm for input files.
  • Updated TL2VID. Added more checks for GPS data issues.
  • Updated VIEWS. Changed name of output folder to “VIEWS Output”.


Usage is free and donation is optional if you can afford it. The requested donation amounts are in the Readme file and are repeated below.

$50 USD for an occasional user
$100 USD for a regular hobbyist or enthusiast user
$500 USD for a professional/commercial user

Please use the PayPal link below.

Although we do not normally use UL2GSV, theta360.guide made a small donation as an “occasional user”

Z1 Example UL2GSV Workflow by Toyo Fujita

Introducing Street View Studio: The easiest workflow is coming to RICOH THETA users


Thanks for your sharing my post.
However, I’ve never taken the video with my Z1.

I make the video and uoload it to Google Street View with the free Street View Studio Tool.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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Hi @craig

Thank you for posting about my UL2GSV software. Could you please remove the Google Drive link and replace it with the Google Groups link below? Access to the software is automatic when someone joins the group. If they use the Google Drive link then they have to wait until I see the email requesting access and approve it. That requires extra work and causes delays. Thank you.


@Dean_Z , thanks for the note about deleting the google drive link. I deleted it and put the link to ul2gsv. Thanks for all your work with this fine software.

@Juantonto I deleted the link to example video as your post has more accurate information and description. Thanks for posting this.