How to change Theta V time

Is there a way to change the time in Theta V? For instance, I made a shoot with my car for street view while using a gps logger on Android. The Gpx file from the logger showed the exact time where the video starts and stops according to my phone’s time and country’s time zone. However, the time of the video by the Theta V is shown different from the Gpx. There is like a one hour difference so maybe the cam is set at a different time zone.

While trying to sync the video and Gpx file, I found it extremely hard to do so because of the timing difference. I even set the time of the Gpx the same as the cam’s actual time, but this resulted in lots of gaps on SV studio. I checked the Ricoh website, and they said that the time on the Theta V is automatically synced with phone’s time once connected via Wifi. But, that didn’t happen.

I also went through all the settings in the Theta app and I couldn’t manage to adjust the time. So, how can I fix that?

Thank you

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The official mobile app should set the time with your THETA V when you use the mobile app. Did you connect the mobile app and your THETA V and it still didn’t set the time? For example, did you take a picture from the mobile app to the THETA V?

Is your mobile phone set to the correct time?

The timezone will only be changed for new pictures.

I believe the mobile app uses this option to change the timezone

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My goodness, I can’t believe what I found out. Because I was using my brother’s phone, I forgot to check the exact time there. I found out that it was set to a different time zone and not automatic. I put it on automatic and the problem was solved for next time, and nothing was wrong with the Theta time :smile: . Thanks for the remark anyways!

There is one more thing I would like to ask you Craig, do you have any reference for the latest Theta app for Android 8 from a trustful source? Play Store no longer has the app to install for this Android version and I believe it is only available for Android 11 and above.

Appreciate your support!

Great news getting the time set! I’ve actually had several problems myself when I forgot to sync my camera and phone and the date/time info baffled me as I searched for my most recent images.

The only version of the official app that I know of as a reliable source is the google play and apple app stores.

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