HowTo: Upgrade SC2 to Firmware 1.31

Before upgrading your SC2 firmware, make sure that you have the latest RICOH THETA desktop app installed. On Windows 10, I upgraded from 3.12.0 to 3.13.3. The upgrade should happen automatically, but I did need to reboot my desktop application.

On the download page, the note just says, “Bug fix”.

If the download does not start automatically, you can go to this page.

For the SC2 firmware, the latest version is 1.31. The note only indicates, “Bug fix.” I would like more information about the fix, but I’m just happy that the team at RICOH upgrades the firmware. :slight_smile:

Plug the SC2 into your computer with a microUSB cable.

The SC2 should power on.

From File, select “Firmware Update”.

Your camera should have a charge of over 70%.

Press “OK”.

You can confirm that you want to upgrade from 1.20 to 1.31.

You cannot roll back the firmware upgrade. You will enter the point of no return. If this is business critical, you should check the forum to make sure that the new firmware didn’t introduce new bugs or incompatibility with software you need in your workflow. In general, you should upgrade the firmware because the mobile phone OS is always updating and the firmware needs to update to reduce problems with connectivity.

The desktop software will download the latest firmware for the SC2.

During firmware upgrade process, the video and image icons flashed.

Verify the firmware was updated.

Testing SC2 After Firmware Upgrade

Official mobile application.

Test shot works.

Google Streetview

Appears to lock camera in my tests. Other people are having this problem. It doesn’t seem like the older firmware worked with Streetview. I don’t think the upgrade adversely affected Streetview.