I'm stucked. I forgot my password of theta V

I was following the tutorial

THETA V Client Mode Configuration Guide

to access my Theta V camera by wireless CL. This after trying to use the Underside Cover plugin for the first time, which blocked when it was finalizing. I thought it might be a problem with the wireless access point so I decided to follow this tutorial.
The problem is that I wasn’t able to enter the machine’s default password (which would be the serial numbers), so I set a new one that I don’t remember now. I tried to create a second new password, but I can’t get into the machine at all. Is there any method that can reset the machine to factory defaults? Someone can help me? I’ve already researched on the subject and the videos I found talk about using 2 methods: 1) through the Settings Reset plugin, which I remember that I can’t synchronize with the machine and 2) through an API that seemed quite confusing and I have no knowledge to do so.

press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the body of the camera for 8 seconds while the camera is on. The camera will reboot. It will reset the wifi settings to factory default. The password is just the digits of the serial number. it will be in 2.4GHz.