Infinite series of photos?!?


I have already gone through the entries here but have not found an answer.

Is it possible to take photos every x seconds for an unlimited time? Let’s say for example 12h.
If so which pictures/seconds are possible?

I don’t have a Ricoh yet so the model doesn’t matter.

Thank You

You should contact the manufacturer for official information. This is a community forum for developers to share their own personal experiences or to provide tips on how to access public information.

The API here seems to indicate that there is an “unlimited” setting for interval shooting.

theta-api-specs/theta-web-api-v2.1/options/ at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub


The capture interval is here:

theta-api-specs/theta-web-api-v2.1/options/ at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub

However, I believe most people are connecting the camera to something like a Raspberry Pi and using a USB cable to take the picture, transfer it to the computer and then push the images to the cloud.

If your goal is to do a one-time 12 hour shoot, you will need to:

  1. disable sleep
  2. disable auto-power off
  3. set camera to interval shoot
  4. set interval number to unlimited
  5. set capture interval to the desired number of seconds or minutes

Keep in mind, that I am just referring to publicly-available API documentation and cannot say what the actual camera behavior will be. I have not tried an “unlimited” number of interval shots myself.

@Roman did you get a satisfactory answer to your question?

It seems like the camera can do the function you are looking for with interval shooting?

Hi, yes thank you.
I’ll soon have a Theta in my hand and then I can start testing.


There are two ways to test the THETA depending on what you’re looking to build.

  1. I believe the free mobile app from RICOH has the interval shooting setting.
    • disable auto-sleep
    • disable auto-power-off
    • set camera interval to the desired interval
    • set camera interval length to infinite
    • trigger camera
  2. use the API
    • there are two different APIs that are relevant
      • USB API, which requires a USB cable
      • WebAPI, which will connect using WiFi. The camera is a hotspot

If you are doing timelapse of a construction site, most people will also disable top/bottom correction of the images.